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Big THANK YOU from Steve…

09 Aug
August 9, 2011

Steve Ellis would like to thank all those who helped him to organise Tumby’s road race at the weekend. This is a big thank you to all marshals (don’t forget if you have marshalled twice in one season you can qualify for free membership next year !!!), all lead and following car drivers and our expert photographer !!!

He would also like to say a special thanks to his wife Louise, without her hard work Steve says the event couldn’t have gone forward.

As well as thanking all of those people, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Steve, on behalf of the Rutland, for organising the event!

Right hope that covers everyone, if anyone needed thanking that I’ve missed, add a comment to this and I will add them to the list asap!

RVO 2011 Evening road race…a great night for the Rutland!

05 Aug
August 5, 2011

Tuesday 2nd August saw the first race put on by the relatively new club/team RVO racing. Many of you will be familiar with the kit due to two stalwart teacakers, Mick and Tim Rowson being members. The race was held up at the excellent Barlow triangle course, this time comprising of 15 laps.

We had four Rutland riders on the line, Simon Keeton, Nick Latimer, Steve Ellis (you’ll always be Rutland and you know it) and myself Danny Lowthorpe. A glance round the rest of the field showed it was more of a quality rather than quantity field with only about 30 turning out but some decent riders in the field.

The race started out a fairly brisk pace and after just a lap Chris Metcalfe decided to put in the first attack. After sticking his nose in the wind for about a lap he was joined by approximately eleven riders that would form the definitive break of the race. Luckily for us, three of our riders, Steve, Nick and Danny were safely tucked away in the break. Behind Simon put his brakes on hard and slowed the following pack.

Despite a few notable exceptions the whole of the breakaway worked smoothly together and despite a few attacks which came to nothing the group worked smoothly towards the finish. As the laps ticked by and the finish approached, the group began looking at each other and at this point James Thompson took his chance and attacked hard alone.

James remained in front for a few laps and built up a fair a lead. With three laps to go a reaction came from the group and it was again Chris Metcalfe who forced the pace with Mike (Surname pending) and Ben Kellett in tow. Danny managed to make this move too and before long they were working very smoothly together and quickly established a good lead. By the bell it became clear that the winner would come from one of these four.

There were a few break attempts on the final lap but three of the riders remained as the rounded the final bend. Danny kicked first with the finish line in site and gained enough of a gap to raise his arms and take the win.

Nick crossed the line in 10th after leading out the sprint. With Steve coming in one place behind in eleventh.

All in all it was a great night for the Rutland. Many thanks go out to RVO for a successful first promotion. And thanks to Andy Jones for supplying the following excellent photographs.

A good day for the Lowthorpes !!!

27 Jul
July 27, 2011

A few weeks ago my little brother Ollie came over to compete in the English Schools time trial championships at Darley Moor. He was up against some pretty stiff competition including some of the best from our region. It was also the first time he had ridden on a proper time trial bike (he borrowed mine).

The weather as per usual for Darley moor was very windy and just after the start the rain came pouring down. However he took it all in his stride and clocked a very impressive 24:29 to win the event !!! Top work Ollie.

Then in the afternoon there was a 2/3/4 crit and so up I stepped. Luckily for me the rain had stopped and the field was looking a little depleted. I took it to them from the gun and managed to force a move of about eight or nine riders by the end of the first lap. We stayed together for the first part of the race but with seventeen laps to go, I attacked again and got a gap. Shortly after I saw another rider coming across the gap so waited for him and then we worked till the finish. As the finish line approached I managed to put in final surge and took the win.

All in all a great day to for the Lowthorpe brothers !!! My brotehr in law was on hand with his camera, see the attached pictures.

I was supposed to be giving time checks...I didn't do very well...When the big hand gets to the top...he's up!!!

A skinsuit shot that doesn't make look thirty stone...result !!! Even my ankles look quite thin.

Before the end of the proper p*ssed it down....

It's always good to get the arms aloft !!!

Who’s that in the background…

25 Jul
July 25, 2011

Stalwart teacaker, Tim Hall, recently sent me this pic that he took at a recent book launch in Nona’s on Ecclesall Road.

If you look hard at the picture in the background, doesn’t it look like the spitting image of a certain “retro” member of the club ??

All answers on a postcard please to: Tony Sweeney competition, PO Box 2011.

Rutler Andy Ralph at the 2011 Etape.

25 Jul
July 25, 2011

This 2011 Etape deserves a place on the podium as the most difficult edition ever due to the course profile coupled with the appalling weather conditions.
Setting off in July you’d expect the weather to be fairly warm. Not this day as the roughly 4,000-man amateur peloton set off from the start line at Issoire at 7am 17th July.

The stage profile already had everything in place to daunt the participants, with constant ups and downs which made it difficult to find one’s pace. The course was the infamous stage 9 of this years’ tour which saw a few top names crash themselves out and the TV car incident which saw Johnny Hoogeland impaled on a barbed wire fence.
The drenching rain, strong headwinds and cold temperatures (hardly 7°C on the route) did not accompany us throughout the entire day, but they did stay with us the whole morning. Typical winter weather!

Finally, there were only 1982 finishers in Saint-Flour. I, thankfully, was one of them. The rest either abandoned or got swept up by the wagon. Congratulations to all those who completed this freezing adventure!

Peak Evening Road Race – 28th June 2011

29 Jun
June 29, 2011

Rutland press the advantage of the break.

Last night saw Peak Road Club evening road race run off on the excellent Brampton triangle course, on the moors just outside Sheffield.

This course normally leads to a tough race and last night events was no exception. The short and numerous laps (17) including a testing climb lead to very little rest and last night the wind direction added to the testing nature of the course. Approximately 45 riders took to the start line last night but by the finish I believe that this figure was more like 19 riders. (I may have got this wrong as I was Marshalling so was concentrating on waving my flag more than counting riders so apologise for any inaccuracies.)

Luckily for the Rutland, our lads were more than up to the challenge and we were involved in the action from the start. Three Ruttlers took to the start line, Simon Keeton, Nick Lattimer and Steve Ellis (Out of the saddle but still a true Ruttler at heart). After a brisk first few laps…which saw some riders out of the back early on…the first main move if the night was started by Simon, who took off on his own after 4 laps. Looking like Cancellera in his prime, Simon soon established a sizeable lead and was looking strong. Sadly for him the bunch weren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet and gradually reeled him back in.

By lap 6 with gap looking precarious, Nick, Steve and Andrew Prince leapt from the bunch and worked smoothly together to bridge the gap over to Simon. With fresh legs assisting him, Simon and his new breakaway companions, quickly re-established a gap as the bunch looked at each other.

Over the remaining laps of the race the gap hovered around 25 seconds. Despite some valiant efforts from Alex Mitchell (Sheff Rec) on the front of the bunch, the gap to the bunch stayed largely the same and as the laps ticked by it looked more and more as though the leading quartet would survive to the finish.

By this stage I was getting excited…queue more vigorous flag waving…although that might have just been in a effort to keep warm. I was sure that our boys would use their numerical advantage and work over their break away companion in the last few laps. To be fair though they had all worked extremely hard together throughout the race to hold off the bunch who at no stage admitted that they were racing for fifth place.

The bell lap came and the leading quartet were still together…Come on Rutland…Steve was the first to take the initiative and attacked hard shortly after the final climb. After a short hesitation by Andy Prince, he was brought back just before the four swung onto the start and finish straight.

So it was to be a sprint finish. Andy Prince started the sprint and proved just too strong for a fast closing Simon Keeton who finished second. Steve rounded out the podium, having blunted his gallop slightly with the final break away effort. Nick Lattimer rounded off an excellent night for the Rutland finishing close on Steve’s heels in fourth.

So three riders in the top four. You can’t ask for much more than that. Massive congratulations go out to our valiant chargers, Nick, Steve and Simon. Well done to all of you. You made it a great race to watch.

Big thanks too to the Peak Road Club for organizing another great event !!!

Nick leaving the bunch in his wake.

Nick and Steve digging in.

May 2011 meeting – Marshalling rule change !!!

09 May
May 9, 2011

The May club meeting occurred on Friday 6th May at newish usual place Palin Suite @ University Arms and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting this month.

As well having a right royal cycling related chin wag there were also a couple of points of note…

The most important one being a new rule introduced that will hopefully encourage people to do their bit and volunteer to help out with events. The new rule states, If you Marshall (event organiser/pusher off etc to count) at two Rutland events during one calendar year, you are eligible to claim free club membership for the following year! This is a great deal for the people who are helping out and will hopefully help out all event organisers to get all the helpers that they need without having to badger folk.

So what are you waiting for, get volunteering today…not only will it give you a nice warm glow inside that you are helping ensure the future of our sport but it could also bag you free club membership next year!!!

There are two further Rutland events this year, Tumby’s road race on Sunday 7 August and Danny’s ten mile trial on Monday 29th August the Bank Holiday weekend.

Volunteer for Steve’s Tumby’s road race

Volunteer for Danny’s time trial

Easter 2011 Hilly Time Trials – By Nick

03 May
May 3, 2011

Nick Latimer missed the Rutland 10 but while down South put lots of hilly Peak District riding to good use in the Welwyn Wheelers Good Friday Hilly TT, and the Bishops Stortford CC Easter Monday Hilly TT. Nick was 6th in a large field of 112 riders in the Welwyn event, posting a time of 1:05:12 for the 26.5 miles. Unfortunately Nick didn’t get to find out if he could hold off Alex Dowsett for 14 minutes in the Bishops Stortford event, as the Team Sky rider couldn’t start due to injury. In his absence Nick was 3rd out of 55, with a time of 1:08:06 for the 27 miles. Reports and pictures from the events are here:

Bonjour Mark avez-vous une nouvelle équipe?

09 Mar
March 9, 2011

Marc ready to do battle in his new French clubs kit. Magnifique!

I had an email from Marc earlier this week, updating me on his progress in France. This is what he had to say:

“The French season started last week end too so it’s gone from no races to loads of races every weekend. I’ve Joined V.C. St Romain, it’s the nearest club, great lads but all French so chatting is difficult at moment. Attached a photo new kit. Not my choice colour….I am still Blue, White and Gold inside!”

First win of 2011 for Rutland.

07 Mar
March 7, 2011

Gavin Evans And Nick Latimer in the Duo Normand Start house.

Saturday saw Rutland riders Danny Lowthorpe and Nick Latimer take first place in the SheffRec two up 25 on the O25/11 Hatfield Woodhouse course in 57:02.

The win carried on the tradition started by Darren Otter and Marc Mallender last season.

The event was again a credit to SheffRec’s fine organisational skills, so hats off to them for that and a big thanks to Rob and Denise for promoting the event.

Sorry I was too tight to buy any pictures from this event so you’ll have to make do with another snap from last seasons Duo Normand!