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Mallorca February 2010 Live (updated)
Posted 28 Feb 2009
Yesterdays final stage seven was a belter, weather and ride wise with temps tipping high 20c, spot on for finishing off those tan lines which won’t see light of day for the next three months. The roll out past the airport to meet ‘our friends in the North’ was gentle apart from Mat sticking the boot in with James at the top of the long drag to Sa Cabaneta. After a meet up at Binisalam it was Boneshaker 1 & 2 to the front with Jamie Burgan (boneshaker1) turning on the turbo for the ride South to Sa Rapita. Boneshaker 2’s (James) turbo blew at Campos and it was left me to finish it off with Jamie for the up hill ride to the coast at Sa Rapita. After a warning from my pulse monitor that the end was near Jamie turned the power down a touch but we still managed to keep up 40km+ into head wind. A good hour in cafe near the sea finished off the tan and it was off back to Arenal via the windy coast road.

A great week with plenty of laughs and attacks so back home to pack away shorts and s/s jerseys as they won’t be needed for another few months with this weather and to think all that sun is just 2 hours away.

Stats 124km sunny 27c

Stage six was another one in the mountains with a stage taking in the climbs of Vallomossa coast road through Deia and Soller pass before dinner. The first climb of the day at Esposles was lead up by Mat and Chris who were holding a steady tempo until the fireworks began after the turn to Vallomossa. Early attacks on the climb came and went then James put in a strong attack which opened a slight gap which grew for a while in the head wind section of the climb until the gap began to close but I ran out of hill to fully close it and he took his first summit of the week!! After that things were steadier rolling over coast road and over the Soller summit (Lemond and Hainault style) for dinner in Bunnyboiler where our friend from the North appeared some five minutes later minus Mr Axe (who was Ill?) claiming they nearly caught us up (no way). After dinner was the ritual of up Orient and in the process giving Simon and Jamie a wheel to their front door while we faced the final 30km back into a strong head wind. stats: 145km temp 19c sunny!!

The only fine issued today was to myself, by Sheffrec for poor bike maintenance – with my rear wheel bearing almost giving up…

Another day in the sun & ‘fine’ free day for our Sheffrec colleague!

Long steady ride to meet up with other Rutlanders at Felanitx – Jamie Burgan & Simon Keeton & Sparrow CC’s very own Phil Axe! [All hungover!!]

We’re back after the mountainous and decisive stage 4 [Arenal – Santa Maria – Puigpuyant – Galilea – Andratx – Esporles (lunch – sorry ‘feed zone’) – Arenal] and nothing has changed with Sheffrec rider still pushing hard but trailing in the wake of the much wiser Rutland riders although Matt did have a ‘jour sans’ until he seemed to make a recovery after a visit to a cafe toilet!!!

Tactical racing was the order of the day up 3 ‘hors category’ climbs on the route – James (sheffrec CC) attacked in the final 300m of the 1st climb, blowing the field apart! I was riding well and moved up to James’ wheel, but it wasn’t enough to claim victory – too little too late… esp as I was cut up with a rather aggressive hairpin move! [1st fine of the day…]

The rest of the riding from here along the coast road was very disciplined although a further fine [fine 2] was issued to James for half wheeling – with his excuse being ‘it’s you that is riding slower and slower, not me riding faster and faster….’

Stats – Beau Temps – 20degreeC – hot sun, short& s/s jersey (no snow) 153km, 1869m ascent, 5hrs 34min riding

After stage three of this years tour things are good just escaping the country before the snow arrived (anyone out on Sunday?) and it’s been good weather so far with only a bit of rain in late afternoon.

The racing, opps I mean riding, has been exciting… plenty of half wheeling from my good friend from the Sheffrec CC – amongst other sins – not stacking bikes properly, poorly fitted tyres & only achieving 2nd on the first major climb yesterday, to my good self…

Although it must be commented that he does look sharp for the coming race season…

Weighing in sessions have been a treat – everyday before and after every meal..

In the restaurant we have found a special section named ‘cyclists corner’ serving all sorts of healthy food – including undercooked pork, rice & pasta – happy dayz!

Post race massage has been enjoyed by James – involving a firm elbow in the sensitive areas… on his legs

Paul attempted road surfing on his bike today, aquaplaning and failed to catch the wave – hitting the deck! he cleverly avoided damage to his helmet, as this was left on the breakfast table, although the new assos tights were damaged..

More updates to follow – enjoy the sledging!

Goodfellow takes Rutland’s first win of the year !!!
Sebring 12 Hour 2010
Posted 16 Feb 2010

Under the finish banner, just slightly tired.

Under the finish banner, just slightly tired.

It was with some trepidation that I stood on the start line of this uniquely American 12 hour event, along with 180 fellow cyclists. I’d heard about the heat, the strong winds, and the fact that Chris Hopkinson had come to ride this event 5 years ago and finished 5th. All in all I’d started to doubt the reasonableness of the idea of coming to Florida in February (not traditionally our racing season) to visit my father and get some miles in by way of a “quick 12hour event”.

It was some 17 years since I last finished a 12 hour, but I did have the advantage of my supporting team (my father) having ridden and won many 12 and 24 hour events – so he was ready with plenty of bottles, food, and sensible advice.

The event began at 06:30 on Saturday 13th February. Unlike British races it is a bunch start with three laps of the 3.7 mile Sebring racing circuit first. This was mayhem, at 25mph plus lined out in the semi light, as day began, but we were soon off the circuit and onto the 100 mile loop up north into central Florida.

The wind didn’t disappoint with a steady 20 to 25mph wind all day, but the warmth did – at around 10 degrees centigrade most of the morning it was tights and gloves weather. The first 100 miles shot by with attacks going off here and there and being chased down. By the 110 mile point where we rejoined the “pit area” at the track the group was whittled down to 5 riders, with just two of us working hard to get away.

The next 5 or 6 hours were on an 11 mile loop, which meant two stretches with hard cross headwinds, the second with a series of climbs, and a fast return straight with a tailwind. I was drinking a 750ml bottle every 45mins or so, and during the day eating an energy bar every 2 hours, and also had 3 ham sandwiches handed to me, which made a nice change. In addition chocolate and peanut butter cakes also made a tasty appearance twice.

Exiting the raceway on one of the long laps, away on my own.

Exiting the raceway on one of the long laps, away on my own.

The race was quickly whittled down to myself and my nemesis, a big fellow (like me) from Arkansas. After trailing him for almost an hour, when the gap went up to over a minute I gradually hauled him back in. At about 195 miles I passed him and got away to find myself alone with no other bikes other than the ones I was lapping who would sit in for a while if they could. The long headwind stretches were hard, and the tailwind stretches flat out.

Finally at just over 11 hours we were guided back onto the motor racing circuit for a final few laps of pain. With about 20 minutes to go I caught my nemesis who was now a lap behind and thus 3.7 miles behind me and the final 2 laps were an absolute pleasure, to finish just short of 12 hours with a total of 247 miles.

I had ridden the event on my Planet X road bike, and was as such the only rider in the top few who rode without tri bars which caused some comment in the results hall. Anyway I got to hold up the pride of Britain, and came back with a winners medal and quite some Kudos with the Americans.

The Christmas Fancy Dress ride 2009
Posted 28 Dec 2009
Well what can we say about this years christmas fancy dress ride…if you weren’t there you missed an absolute treat !!! Seriously put the date in your diarys now because the 2010 is going to be even better and hopefully slightly less snowy!

The Cheshire Cheese at Hope, again put on a fine spread and apart from some of the locals giving me a few funny looks were excellent hosts as always!! Due to the weather we didn’t get to quite the same number of pubs on the way home as we would have liked but then survival was the name of the game and thankfully I can report that everyone at least made it home safely…I’m sure I would not be alone though in stating that it will it go down in history…I don’t think I have ever been as relieved to make it home alive from a bike ride ever before !!!

For those of you who haven’t already seen my pics of the event on facebook and would like a laugh check out the pics here.

Now come on everyone…you’ve only 48 weeks to think up next years outfit!!!

2009 Harry Hall Trophy awarded to George Steers Posted 9 Nov. 2009
George Steers was presented with the Club’s Harry Hall Trophy for 2009 at the Northern General Hospital where he was recovering from his recent accident on the bike in Bakewell.
The Club decided to award George the Trophy for setting another age record at 10 miles with 25.14 & a new age record on the tandem at 10 miles with 21.54. (This was set with Alan Steward with a combined age of 150)
George is back home now after almost 10 weeks in the NGH.
He has recovered well but has still not got the full use and feelings back in his hands yet. George has had physio whilst he has been in the hospital and will no doubt be giving his turbo some use now he his back home. George is getting around the house without his walking stick and has four carers calling in several times a day to make sure he is ok.
We all wish you a speedy recovery George and hope to see you back on your bike again soon.
George is seen here receiving the Hall Trophy from Club President Stuart Smith with Paul Ogle looking on along with staff from the NGH.

Obituary Ian ‘Minty’ Murray
Taken from TheStar.co.uk:
Died tragically on 4 November 2009, aged 53 years. A much loved husband of Jayne, loving dad of Camilla, also a dear brother. A long term member of The Rutland Cycling Club. Service to take place at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium on Monday November 16 at 10.30 a.m. Family flowers only please, donations if desired for the ‘Dave Rayner fund‘ may be sent c/o G&M Lunt Funeral Directors, 36 Abbey Lane, S8 0GB.

For those of you that do not read “The Star” here is a link to Tuesday 15th December’s issue and the outcome from last month’s tragic news.

Rutland babies are just like buses…..none for ages then two come along Posted 29 Oct.2009

Congratulations go out to Mark Jacobi and Melissa, the latest members of the Jacobi dynasty were delivered on Monday 19th October. Chloe and Ella weighed in at 6lb 4, and 6lb 9 a combined weight of nearly 13lbs. (That’s about the same as that flash Look with the Zipps isn’t it Mark !!!).

Best wishes go out to the family.

Dreaming of a tandem...

Who’s the Daddy? posted 9 Oct 2009

A big shout of congratulations going to one of our members who became a father for the first time. Nathan Smith is now the proud Dad of future Olympic, World Championship and Tour de France Féminin winner Isabel Grace Smith. She weighed in at 6lbs and 7oz…well within the UCI weight limit…

Best wishes go to both proud parents. Nicole Cooke, Victoria Pendleton and Emma Pooley…you better watch your backs…Isabel is coming to get cha !!!


Tumby’s Road Race, 9 August 2009
A massive thank you to all of the Rutland members who turned out to help and participate in Tumby’s Road Race on 9th August. A special thank you to Simon’s family Enid, Alan and Paul who came to the race, Enid presented the prizes. We had perfect weather, which made the race all the more successful. The race got off to a bad start after one of our hopefuls, Danny, crashed on the first lap – thankfully no serious injuries.

The race got off to a fast start, a few breaks got away but were all pulled back, with break away groups including Simon and Darren and another break made by Marc Mallender.

With two laps to go a group of six riders got away which included eventual winner John Doherty of VS Cycles. With one lap to go that group split into two and it was a sprint finish between John, 17 year Dutch rider Coen Rijpma and Thurcroft’s Andy Whitehead. Best placed Rutland rider was Darren Otter in 7th place and Mark Jacobi also finished in the top 15. All in all it was a fantastic race – the winner commented that it was one of the best races he had rode this year.

Top ten finishers

1. John Doherty VS Cycles
2. Coen Rijpma Peddlars
3. Andy Whitehead Thurcroft CC
4. Rob Watkinson Doncaster Wheelers (2008 winner)
5. Richard Whittaker Derby Mercury
6. Jason Shipton Moonglu RT
7. Darren Otter Rutland CC
8. Phil Valentine Wakefield CC
9. Stephen Leigh Derian House Children’s Hospice
10. James Thompson Sheff Rec CC
The Podium

The Podium

The North Mids Group on the way out? Posted 6 Aug. 2009
The need for the North Mids to get back on the A1 has never been greater, dwindling entries for the Hatfield courses due to our riders being fed up with riding on bad road surfaces, abuse from motorists and danger from farm tractors and such. Not only that, clubs cannot continue indefinitely to subsidise these events when they are only attracting 30 or so riders.

The A1 from Nornay through to Markham Moor has never been safer, no cutting across fast moving traffic to get into the right lane or risking your life by riding around the outside of the island and having traffic cutting across at junctions. Are vehicles moving faster? Without using a speed check meter there is no way of checking, judging vehicle speeds by someone standing at the side of the road has been proven to be completely unreliable. Then we have traffic counts, Colin Keeton was killed on a very quiet Sunday morning as was a member of the Notts & East Mids group, only two cars were in the vicinity on that occasion.

I would appreciate it if all the clubs would let the North Mids committee know your opinion in the hope it will be resolved for next year

Would your members like to send a petition to the North Mids CTT committee on behalf of your club asking for a revival of the O25/10 and the O10/2 or alternatively, you may prefer to write to the North Mids Secretary yourself.

Neil Howarth, Sheffield Phoenix CC