05 Mar

Time Trials

If there is one thing that all Rutlers are good at then it’s Time Trials. The event is often known as the Race of Truth because it’s just you and your bike against the clock over a set distance. Recently that Time Trials have been given a slightly bad press, coverage in the cycling press is down and when you go to events there are maybe not as many competitors as there once was but we should do our best to buck that trend right now!

The racing is very accessible and without doubt the easiest area of the sport to get involved with. It is also excellent value for money as there is no expensive licence fee to pay up front. You don’t need all the gear either as you compete to beat your own best time (PB) as well competing against the other riders.

In terms of age releated racing then there is plenty for the youngsters with their own categories to compete in and for the more more mature rider still brave enough to done the ubiquitous skin suit there are quite litterly loads of options with age categories and races “on standard” (Still not quite sure what “on standard” means but i’m sure the TT sec will see me right on a decent definition to replace this admission ;-).

The organising body behind time trials, the recently re-branded “Cycling Time Trials” (RTTC to everyone else) has recently revamped their website and it now has all the info and events listed on there. So if you’re interested in taking part get yourself along and check it out www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk

The Rutland also promote quite a few time trials throughout the year so these are a great place to start or a must ride for the more experienced.