Peak RC very hilly Time Trial – June 2010

20 Jun
June 20, 2010

Last Wednesday night saw the first promotion by small local club Peak RC and with all there members helping to MARSHALL it was a  fantastic well organised event  helped also by  great summer evening weather. The course was tough, taking in the climbs of Stony Middleton and Millers Dale and covering 17 miles in total. Rutland members faired very well with Marc Mallender finishing 3rd overall in a time of 46.14 riding a normal road bike he also picked up the atheletes competition prize (great wine Mr Gibson are you a wine buff?) and was only beaten by a Rapha Condors Dan Craven 43.50 and Charles Taylor 44.20 of South Pennine CC who both rode TT bikes . Tom Bailey posted a 48.37 to finish 7th after taking the train from Nottingham to Cheterfield and riding to Calver while Tom Webb finished 16th with 51.28. Rutland CC just missed out on the team prize to rivels Sheffrec CC (or did they James?)

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  1. Tomo says:

    I think you will find that Team Sheffrec well & truly beat Rutland despite Niel Bentleys chain ring unbolting itself & him stopping to kick it back in place, plus missing his start! – I am only registered with BC to race for Boneshakers (also second claim to Sheffrec on BC license)
    I think you will find that we beat you by 37secs – sour grapes??
    Team Sheffrec CC or is that Boneshakers?

  2. marc says:

    Does this open it up for any rider to ride for any team? will Lance jump ship and ride for Astana to take the team prize if Contador looks like he may win or even join Sky if Wiggo looks like he’s doing the business? Good ride from Neil though with all his problems. But I am afraid you can’t ride BC for one team and TT for another.Boneshakers is your first claim club and you should ride for them. Is Boneshakers affliated to the CTT? Come on own up before it gets to CTT central HQ!!!!! Sour grapes it is not fair play is what I call it. I would be the first to say good rides lads. As Neil and Dan did do for Sheffrec (there first claim club)

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