The Slow Cake Begins

27 Jan
January 27, 2010

Do you know riders who would like to come out on the teacake but are a bit put off by the pace? We’re thinking new to the sport riders, ladies and younger riders. Anyone really who would like to come out cycling but has been put off by the pace of the teacake. If you know any riders that would fit the bill then invite them along on the all new Slowcake. A ride just like the teacake and going to the same cafe but at a steadier pace…No one will be left behind and the emphasis will be on encouraging new members to the sport and club. Myself and Danny have agreed to lead the ride once a month but if other members would be willing to lead the ride let us know via the website. Let’s do our bit for Dave Brailsfords quest to get one million new riders out on the bike. Who knows the next Mark Cavendish could well be out there…and we want them in the Rutland!

 First one is Sat 6th Feb 9.15am depart Bents Road and Eccelsall Road Junction meet. None club members welcome.

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  1. Danny says:

    Well not too many takers for the first week of the slow cake but I think next week might be a bumper ride with quite a few new takers…Don’t forget if you know anyone who you think would enjoy the teacake but are maybe a bit put off by the pace, let them know about the slowcake. It’s the usual meeting place and time.

  2. jo says:

    eh up rutland people!

    came along on saturday for the slowcake, think we accidently went on the fastcake for a bit – before syphoning ourselves off. just wanted to say might try again next week – and thanks to the friendly guys who offered to go slow, but seemed a shame to spoil your ride when we were happy to divert.

    damn i need to get some of those booty things


  3. pat says:

    hi there whens the next slow cake ride, pat

  4. Danny says:

    We actually had five riders out on the slow cake this week. Sadly we missed the meet time again but eventually we got going and it was a great ride. There will be another next week, 27/02/2010 so if there are any takers get yourself up to the meet (see rides section for details) for between 9 and 9:15 and we’ll get it organized. Cheers, Danny.

  5. BIRKBY says:

    For info there’s definitely a slow cake again this Saturday! Hopefully with greater numbers than last week’s three riders… Cheers

  6. Simon says:

    Ay-up Danny,
    Are you running the slowcake this year 2011? If so could you post the dates and the postcode for the meeting place and time.
    Ta very much


  7. Danny says:

    Hi Simon, There hasn’t been too many takers for the slow cake recently and so as such there hasn’t been an official slow cake recently. I will try and rally some support for taking the ride again from this Saturday and post details up in the Rides section. Hopefully we will be able to be up and running again from the 19th Feb. Cheers, Danny

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