01 Feb


The Saturday Teacake Run – Saturday
The Sunday Club Run
The Tuesday Night Chain Gang

The Saturday Tea Cake run

Before the outbreak of Covid 19 the Teacake regularly attracted upwards of 15 riders, sometimes nearly double that during the Summer months. During the last couple of years people have got used to going out in their own small groups and this still seems to be the case. The Teacake is up and running again but maybe not with the same amount of riders as before but please don’t let that stop you from coming along.


This ride takes place all year round whatever the weather.

The ‘Tea-cake’ run is usually between 40 and 50 miles leaving Sheffield at around 9:15 and arrives at The Hathersage Baths Cafe in Hathersage at about 11:00 then returns straight back to Sheffield for between 12 and 1pm.

The Tea Cake starts at:-
Time: 9.10 – 9:15 am
Meet: junction of Ecclesall Road South / Bents Road (near Parkhead)
click here to view map of meeting place.

The route is generally up to Fox House, down Froggatt, Baslow, Pilsley, Ashford, Monsal Head, down Monsal, up Cressbrook, Litton, Tideswell, Bradwell and then Hope but this can vary a little depending on the weather and time of year.

Anyone wishing to ride straight out to the cafe click on this link
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The Sunday Club Run.

The Sunday Club Run has been going for as long as we can remember but over the last few years it has seen a steady decline with more people tending to go out on a Saturday rather than a Sunday.

As with the Teacake ride Covid has also affected the Sunday Club run and sadly it hasn’t got going again, people have got used to going out in their own small groups and doing their own thing on a Sunday.

Tuesday Night Chain Gang.

This training ride generally takes place from April to September.

The first ride is usually the Tuesday after the clocks go forward an hour at the end of March and the meeting place is at the Norfolk Arms pub at Ringinglow at six o’clock, leaving about 6:15.

The route is up over Stanage, down Burbage, right onto Surprise and down into Hathersage. The through and off starts just out of Hathersage then it’s on to Castleton before a turn at the bottom of Winatts and then back along the valley.

Depending on the light and the weather we then take a right in Hathersage along to Grindleford and Calver before coming home via Froggatt. (This may be extended as the days get longer).

The pace is fairly brisk and it is a training ride so there’s not normally any waiting.

If you’d like more details email info@rutland.cc

Chain gang ground guidelines / rules

Due to the popularity of this ride and to preserve the training effect and safety of the ride, there are times when we will have to split into smaller groups.

If we get many more than about six in a group the training effect is lost due to the amount of rest time you get between turns. If we split down effectively this also means that you should be in group with people of about the same ability as yourself, again increasing the training effect for everyone. It is for your and the other riders safety as we thread our way through villages on the way to Castleton it can get a bit hairy in a big group.

We will stop just through Hathersage and split into smaller groups. Please all have a chat at the meet and on the way over to Hathersage with this in mind and organise yourself into these smaller groups.

When we start riding through and off, remember smoothness is key. The speed of the group should stay the same. Ride through to the front and when you have done your turn move slowly over to the left and gently ease off the pedals slightly enabling the rider behind you to continue at a constant speed and overtake you.

Communication is key. Please all point out the usual potholes, bumps and traffic lights and other hazzards.

When you come to the back of the left hand line and move over onto the right hand “pace” line, let the rider who is on the left hand side of you know that they are now the last man by simply saying, “last man”. This just lets them know to prepare to increase their pace a touch in preparation for moving back into the pace line.

As you get tired (everyone does that is the point of the ride ;-), you may find that you can’t go through and need to skip a turn. Again just let the rider in front of you know that they are now the “last man” so that they know to move into the pace line in front of you. Missing a turn is better than getting to the front of the line only to find that you don’t have the legs to do your turn, this causes the speed of the group to fluctuate and tends to have knock on consequences further down the line.


The chain gang is a great ride and an excellent work out!