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30 Sep
September 30, 2010


Pilot is of course what you call the person who sits on the front of a bike with more than one seat on it.

Next Friday (8th October) I’ll be ‘piloting’ either a tandem or a trandem (see attached picture) to enable Dave and Val Radford to do their sponsored bike ride to raise money for guide dogs for the blind.

They need a pilot as they are both blind. They are raising money for this charity as they have both used guide dogs for almost their entire life

We will be riding about 36 miles on a looping route between Hornsea where they live and Beverley, home to the Yorkshire branch of Guide Dogs.

I used to pilot their trandem when they lived in Sheffield but they moved to the East coast a few years ago and Val has also had cancer. She now feels sufficiently recovered from the chemo to attempt this ride. The 18 mile practice ride last Sunday was challenging as I’d forgotten how hard it is to steer the damn thing.

So if you think that a 68 year old, blind cancer survivor riding a bike for 36 miles to raise money for guide dogs is worth a few quid of your money..then donate some cash at the following address…

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