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Annual Dinner 2015

25 Oct
October 25, 2015

Roll up roll up guys, it’s that time of year again when you hang up the carbon wheels and dust off the crushed velvet suit and bow tie to see which of your names will be engraved alongside one hundred and ten years of cycling club history on our gleaming solid silver trophies.

This year for the small ticket price of £16.00, you will enjoy a beautiful three course meal, free entry into our club raffle, pleasurable viewing of the prize presentation and photo review of the year and if that wasn’t enough… This year paying homage to Jim Hall’s style of annual doo’s we’ve hired a traditional discoteque who will be spinning stong 70’s vibes until midnight.

If that wasn’t enough, the club will be putting on a free party bus heading into the city centre for anyone wanting to carry on grooving or just save some money on a taxi if your over that end of town.

Payment wise you can give cash to myself, Danny, Simon, Nick, Rob Fowler or use our handy Paypal option below.

Number of tickets
Enter your menu choices

Cash on the night is a possibility but not preferable as we’ll no doubt end up down the casino and throwing it all on red.

Finally dress code wise, this is our annual dinner so lets see some cooler looking cats this year like in the artwork above =)

Look forward to seeing you all there, Cheers Brendon

Monthly meetings back on Ecclesall Road

29 May
May 29, 2015

Last months new venue was awesome so we’re going to make it a regular Rutland hangout, meaning the next one is on Friday 5th June. So see you at the couch guys, 8.00pm! Any questions just contact me on

The Cleethorpes Run 2013

10 Jul
July 10, 2013



Well It was a totally epic day out on the bike, anyone who missed it really did miss out. Starting from the wicker Dan wasn’t the last one there this year, it was Nick Latemer due to his garmin giving him a load of wrong information. We still managed to set sail by half seven though and with no direction problems this year largely due to Danny being ON IT with his navigational skills, we we’re at out usual halfway cafe stop in no time.

An espresso or two later we’re on it into Cleethorpes Poppy field after poppy field in the bright morning sun  it was just road biking perfection but with me having jumped into the deepend a bit, training wise I was beginning to worry as it was miles faster than last year due to no slow un’s turning up (only me). We we’re averaging about 20mph so needless to say we improved quite a lot on last years strava stats not that anyone is arsed about that.

After navigating a busy Cleethorpes we found ourselves being photographed by a guy who claimed to be the  local Cleethorpes photographer, but it only took a few mins  to realize he was just probably a colossal pervert  ha haaaaa (he took the picture above).

After a great fish and chip lunch we headed to the beach for an ice cream and some rock buying rituals and spent half an hour listening to temperature updates from Dans garmin which we’re in the 40’s (degrees C)

Then we we’re back on the road to see a poor little Pheasant get hit by a car and had it’s wings broke. So after one of the lads flinging it it the hedge I took the decision to ring it’s neck and put it out of it’s misery. We found an amazingly quiet route back all in all although despite my efforts to slow it down it was fairly quick for a long ride. John Hadfield had a puncture and as soon as we stopped it felt about 300 degrees jesus…proper hot! Anyway yea all was great cruising along on the finest day on the year having a natter and a giggle. The third stop was like an emergency stop for me and is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen the rutland boys head over to  the shade to sit in.

After that is was B road city all the way back to the Sheffield Tap where we realized we had clocked up near on 160 miles (stocksbridge lot 180) and all got quite pissed especially one certain person ahhhhhhhh. All in all this was probably the best day out on the bike i’ve ever  had in england, we had a great group and it was just sweeeeeet!! Alain didn’t look one bit tired by the end as he popped off to cook supper for some friends he had coming over …. and it’s a good job too as he will soon be riding the same route as the tour de france in the same time, 3 weeks!!! I’m not sure if that is actually humanly possible but he’s going for it only supported by 1 camper van for transfers and sleep. will finish by saying thanks guys for the club run of all club runs, good luck Alain with the tour and his justgiving link will be up soon. Cheers Bren

Here’s a link to some phone photo’s

Nocturnal Teacake 2013 Photo’s

05 Jul
July 5, 2013

norturnal_sheffield_Cycling_club_Brendon_tyree_photography (0)

Well it turned out to be a corker of an evening and maybe the start of more summer evening cruises by the sounds of it.

Cheers for coming guys we had 21 in total so made it worth doing. sorry about the poor decision on the launch site for the chinese lantern though. here’s a collection of point and shoot / mobile photo’s

Anyone fancy a bit of punishment?

17 Mar
March 17, 2013


My mate Laura is running this very local sportif and she wondered if any members of rutland would fancy it as it is on the doorstep.  Have a nosy at the course if you haven’t already……..


The Cleethorpes Run 2012

02 Jul
July 2, 2012

What an absolutely amazing day out on the bike!!  Bathed in a beautiful summers morning sun a 15 strong bunch cruised out of the wicker arches at 7am, down the don valley towards whiston where Dave Ballie took us up a little climb no one had ever been up before to find out it was a dead end. Cheers Dave just what you need before a nice 152 miler. from then on google maps and Andy smith’s map took the wheel and we enjoyed a really nice poppy field cruise towards Gainsborough where long time Rutler Fred Corker joined us. On arrival into Gains… Sally guided us  into a really cool old converted mill now filled with coffee shops and fountains for our for our first stop of the day (apart from the dead end he he).

The coffee shop was definitely an improvement on the old Caravan we used to stop at in the 90’s which is no longer there. it was bloody lovely. Sat there with Danny, Smallwood, paul and the Valley boys, Rich, Daz and Gav it strangely felt like a day riding in majorca.

After that we cruised on the little B1205 towards south kelsey and just after that during a pp stop the Fusion Dronfield lot came by so we jumped on those guys for a lift into cleethorps with a 30+ strong group.

In no time we we’re on the pier tucking all into some food,  John and Paul we’re also tucking into some booze as they we’re catching the train back as we’re Sal and Rob.

Here we are just before the return journey

Then we did a victory lap around Cleethorpes (unintentionally though) and we we’re off back to Sheffield minus Chris Broadfield who I think might have jumped ship and headed off before us.

It was a headwind on the way back but because of the twists turns and hedge rows it wasn’t as bad as we all thought, plus we had Whitney, Lindsay, Daz, Danny, Frank and both Andy’s and chicken little cranking out hero’s turns on the front.

Everyone was buzzing on the way back, the sun came out, we had another amazing coffee stop in Costa coffee this time looking at all the various long distance cycling, skateboarding and wheel chair records on Dans phone and really appreciating them too at that point.  The last bit didn’t really drag much really as we we’re all having such a good natter and laugh by then.

We clocked up 152 miles from wicker to wicker but the Stocksbridge lads will have been knocking on 160 I think.

All in all everyone loved it especially me. Thanks for a great Day /Company/ Ride  everyone, Roll on the Autumnal York social. Bren

New Rutland Logo Print £10

02 Dec
December 2, 2011

Hola Amigo’s I was looking for some new tights onling this week as my assos ones have finally worn through to a thread and Jeez they’re about £200!! so looking around, I had some old biemme ones that I didn’t really like.

But because we own the new kit design and the logo is ours in electric form to do as we wish I took the Biemme’s down london road to see member Rhys Crabtree (who’s done all our new t-shirt and hoodies).

He printed me the tights up for a Tenner!!! How cool is that they look ace now and not only that…. for all you safety geeks, it’s reflective too.

Anyone else wanting Gilets, Tights, Jerseys printing up just take them down to Rhys at shirt prints direct.

161-163 London Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 4LH

 0114 255 9000 ‎

Richmond 2011 GP – Images from Brendon Tyree (official Rutland snapper)

05 Sep
September 5, 2011

Rutland Ride the York City Centre – August 2011

22 Aug
August 22, 2011

The Rutland entourage we’re living it up in York last Sunday shopping, sitting in pizza express and cheering on our boys on in the prestigious city centre crit.

We had Nick in the 3rds race and Danny in the E,1&2’s .

The course was really fast with cobbled speed bumps and lined with footed railings!

After seeing loads of bad crashes, failed attacks and people packing in due to the pace… our lads both had their time handing out some pain to the other riders and both finished in one piece.

Well done lads, it was a pretty cool race to watch, I would say it was the Monaco of crits and a bloody good test for Dan’s new Chinese Carbon wheels .

Tumby’s Road Race 2011

07 Aug
August 7, 2011

Well it was a roller coaster of a bike race today from where I was standing / shooting.

The first lap came round like a rocket with a dangerous amount of riders sneaking away from the bunch from the gun.
Having Just been listening to led zep with dan in his van and getting fully psyched for it …. I was mildly let down not to see any Rutland riders in the break.
But hey it was only about ten Min’s in.
I went to the far corner of the triangular course for the second lap and couldn’t believe my eye balls when through the camera lens we’re 2 lone figures miles in-front of the bunch.
It was only Danny and another guy   Nathan Wilson from Wilsons Wheels who was also as strong as an ox.
Bloody hell…… they we absolutely gunning it!!!!!  and they managed to keep it that way and stay away from the peloton for about 80% of the race.
A brave few tried to bridge the gap over to them (which would have been some welcome help) but no one managed it.
They racked up a lead of at least 1:30 at one point until the bunch finally swallowed them up with 2.5  laps to go.
I reckon the long straight section where you can see about 3 miles up the road was like a massive carrot dangling in-front of the carrot hungry bunch and didn’t help the brave guys on the attack at all.
Anyway they got caught there was a couple of laps with it all together until 6 or 7 guys crept away on the final lap and made it to the line.
I reckon advertising In cycling works cos the winner Richard Meadows was sponsored by subway and all the way home I just kept trying to twist dan’s arm into going to subway for lunch..
Subway subway subway!!!
But we ended up in la patissier on eccy road where we saw nodding Dave with his missus.
Small world, Cool race, well done everyone It was a bloody good event!!
Ps if anyone wants any of my Photographs just let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you…
Top Ten Results
1st Richard Meadows  Velo 29
2nd Neal Beasley        Beeston R C
3rd Rob Watkinson      Doncaster Wheelers
4th Richard Moore       Star Bikes R C
5th David Williams       Kuota/GSG/Spinergy
6th Nathan Wilson     Wilsons Wheels
7th Chris Daddy           Star Bikes R T
8th Jack Rees              Velo 29
9th Ashley Proctor        Sheffrec CC
10th John Doherty        V C Cycles