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03 May
May 3, 2011

The rest will not be in french as i am not that good at it yet although i can get bread and try to get riders to work in races with cries of allez!!! I have been meaning to write something for ages but during the winter not much happens apart from loads of rain but for the last five weeks we have not had a drop and tempretures have hit 3o degrees plus most days so it has been too hot to do much riding in the day. Since the start of March, when racing starts here, it has been full on every weekend, and lots of them to choose from. The licence is cheap only 38€ and you get  your kit with that and about 5€ to enter races. You don’t win money just loads of alcohol in the form of wine or a local brew call Pineau (potent stuff).  The first one I rode for my new club V.C St Romain was at St Vincent des Jalmoutiers it had 208 starters. I managed to get 3rd after 80km of mad action on little back lanes, at least all the roads are closed and not a angry motorists to be seen. Winnings- 2 bottles of wine-1 bottle of Pineau. My second event at Bertric Buree was a tough hilly course and I got 3rd again in a break of 5, nowt changes with my sprinting!!! Winnings-4 bottles of wine- 1 bottle of Pineau. If this carries on we will be alcoholics by the end of the season! I do hope all memebers are well and the racing is good. I do keep looking on the BC and CTT website for Rutland riders and glad to see plenty of them racing and placing.All the best for now.




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