May 2011 meeting – Marshalling rule change !!!

09 May
May 9, 2011

The May club meeting occurred on Friday 6th May at newish usual place Palin Suite @ University Arms and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting this month.

As well having a right royal cycling related chin wag there were also a couple of points of note…

The most important one being a new rule introduced that will hopefully encourage people to do their bit and volunteer to help out with events. The new rule states, If you Marshall (event organiser/pusher off etc to count) at two Rutland events during one calendar year, you are eligible to claim free club membership for the following year! This is a great deal for the people who are helping out and will hopefully help out all event organisers to get all the helpers that they need without having to badger folk.

So what are you waiting for, get volunteering today…not only will it give you a nice warm glow inside that you are helping ensure the future of our sport but it could also bag you free club membership next year!!!

There are two further Rutland events this year, Tumby’s road race on Sunday 7 August and Danny’s ten mile trial on Monday 29th August the Bank Holiday weekend.

Volunteer for Steve’s Tumby’s road race

Volunteer for Danny’s time trial

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