Mudguards & Mudflaps

30 Nov
November 30, 2010

They’re ugly, nobody likes them, but no cyclist should be without them. I’m talking about FULL LENGTH MUDGUARDS & MUDFLAPS – the most practical, but also the least popular accessory in the history of cycling.
After so much wet weather it amazes me that so many riders are still riding bikes with uncovered wheels, why? Mudguards mean dry bum and backside and the only downside being that they ruin the look of the bike, so what! It’s madness. Carry on like this and you’ll end up with trench foot of the shorts.
Experts warn us that if anything the weather is going to get wetter in future years. Eventually you do get used to permanently feeling cold and wet, but why would you want to?
You could try the old “the frame clearances are too tight” excuse, but it’s more likely that you’re too tight to buy a new frame.
Downgrade the new groupset if you have to raise funds, swap Dura-Ace for Ultegra and put the difference towards a winter frame.
There is a younger generation of cyclists who simply will not use mudguards because the look of the bike is more important than their own comfort and none of the pros use them. I’m not unsympathetic. A top road bike should never have clearance for mudguards, but here’s the thing: I’m not talking about race bikes. If you own two or more road bikes, at least one should have mudguards. It’s a completely different beast – treat it with the contempt you think it deserves, apologise for it your shallow club mates. Be thicker skinned, but be DRY and keep those behind you DRY !

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  1. jamie b says:

    Fair point,have you got PMT?

  2. Danny says:

    BUT most importantly…if you haven’t got mudguards…fear not you are still welcome on Rutland rides…there is a simple rule…if you’ve not got guards stay near the back !!!

  3. squeaker says:

    PMT ?
    No, I think mine are SKS… b

  4. marc says:

    Glad to see you are keeping up the campaign about the flaps.

    Don’t need them here though as no one goes out when it rains and it has just rained for 5 weeks also they don’t salt the roads so when it is icy you just fall off!!

    Keep riding

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