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18 Apr
April 18, 2010

The sun was out and people flocked to make what has to have been one of the finest teacakes of the year…The turnout was amazing…something that I have not seen for a while but if you don’t believe me check out the pics below. (ps sorry for the quality they were taking using my sweaty camera phone!!).

I was also very pleased to see a great turnout for the slowcake also with eight or so riders tackling what turned into an epic slowcake of slightly elongated proportions.

All groups congregated back at the cafe for a well earned brew and plenty of banter. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels really pleased to have found the Hathersage baths cafe. It’s great to actually feel welcome at a place and they have been brilliant catering for our ever increasing numbers with a smile. “Chapeau” to all at the cafe.

One of the main highlights for me though had to be newly signed Pinarallo test rider Dave Webster. Pinarello were apparently not getting enough of the right kind of feedback from their sky team members and so have turned to teacake stalwart Dave to put their product through it’s paces. Dave added, “Well Pinarello bosses approached me and said they were after some feedback on how the Dogma handled a rider capable of putting down some serious wattage, last week topping Cressbrook my SRM was reading 1500 watts and that’s a figure none of team sky can match.” We look forward to hearing more from our intrepid test teamer as the season progresses.


Were you out on saturday ? Why not leave a comment and tell us what you thought of the ride ?

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  1. squeaker says:

    Fantastic to see so many out on the teacake, 44 was the last headcount I heard. Nice to see Dave doin’ his bit for Pinarello as well…..lol.
    Just a pity the turnout wasn’t repeated the following morning, only 2 turned up on Sunday !!

  2. andys says:

    Wonderful and thanks once again for waiting at Tideswell although this week I wasn’t actually last. Not bad photos for a sweaty phone Danny.

    I’ve never ridden backwards through so many riders going up Cressbrook before, seemed to take ages and not at all demoralising as it feels great to have such a large bunch out riding.

    I should add that although I’m last up Cressbrook you lot don’t often beat me to the front of the queue for tea!

    44 – Definitely a record number since I’ve been going on it and let’s hope it continues.

    Sunday, I’ve got other things to do at the weekend and the same probably goes for other people too. Went on the CTC ride with Liz today, no point turning up for the Rutland Sunday ride together as she’d get blasted in the first 10K. There were 21 pople on the CTC ride so overall that’s a great sign that cycling is on the up.

    Look on the bright side Simon, that’s an average of 23 people on each ride… fabtastic.

  3. andys says:

    ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’

    Who moderates the moderator?

  4. Ian Sharpe says:

    It was an incredible sight to behold. Chaz and I were sat in Monsal Head cafe when you all came past and we couldn’t believe how many riders there were. Just glad you all didn’t catch us going up Cressbrook!

  5. marc says:

    Lets not forget the slow cake. Numbers are going up on that too i have been on last two and it’s a great way to spin legs before race day and have a chat with new and old faces.
    Can Sheffrec beat that number out on a ride?

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