Sunday Club Run – December 2013 – Out East…

24 Nov
November 24, 2013

I should have put this up before now but only just realised the 1st Sunday of the month is actually next Sunday, 1st December.  So, I suggest we go out East for aanticyclone change.  We can leave from the same place but veer off over towards Notts, probably through Coal Aston way.  It is a bit dependent on the weather but it can’t be as bad as November.  At the moment we have a stubborn anticyclone that the BBC are predicting is going to hang around until at least Thursday, pushing all the bad weather up over Norway.  Fingers crossed it stays until the weekend.

Meet at the usual place (Bents Green) at the usual time (9:15 depart) then we head in the direction of the Urals.

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