First Sunday ride of the summer 2016

02 Jun
June 2, 2013

The hastily organisised June Sunday club run meandered through 4 counties again today. Dave Baillie, Simon, Justin and Kirsty on the tandem, Mick Glover, 2 Sedgewicks, 2 Sweeneys and me left Bents Green at 9:15. Justin and Kirsty peeled off at Fox House to find vertiginous tracks on the way to Longnor. The rest of us carried on up Abney.

Alan Dawson, in composite Wilsons/Rutland kit turned up late, chased and caught us by Fox House, meaning he ended up looking more dishevelled than usual.

First and only puncture just before Tideswell leading to 4 cats heading off up the road at a slower pace…..should have gone with them.

Simon peeled off just before Peak Forest after we were passed by 3 guys with race numbers on. I don’t think they were the leaders as no car with them. This means Simon must have caught them before they got to Peak Forest.

Dave then took us on the wibbly, wobbly road round the back of Dove Holes to Whaley Bridge where we managed to herd up the 4 cats who had stopped to get food and water. We all headed up Long Hill then 2 more cats peeled off to take the unmetalled shortcut to Goyt valley while the rest of us toiled the long way up Long Hill.

By the time I got to the top of Goyt Valley I was off the back with dead legs and could do no herding. Two Sedgewicks and a Sweeney turned left to take the easy way while the rest kept going up to the top to put in an extra loop round Wildboarclough. Except Mick who turned back at the Cat and Fiddle and headed back to Buxton and home.

Lost sight of the Sedgewicks and the Sweeney but managed to get to the cafe before them. I was not going to take any route that involved Glutton Hill and that had clearly been their option.

Got to the Cafe to Find Justin and Kirsty drinking tea. Andy, Matt and Gabe went to the other cafe, Dave, Tony and Alan rolled up 45 minutes later and we all ended up in the same place at the same time.

Longstone Edge on the way back!! Then I peeled off at Foolow. The rest were going for another cafe stop in Hathersage. Totally ****ed so that means it was a great day out. Dave’s pathfinding meant quiet roads almost all day, the sun shone, but not enough to get Simon’s tights and Justin and Kirsty’s gloves and overshoes off and a first for Alan who I don’t think has ever cycled west of Buxton.  116 Kms and over 2,000 metres of climbing on the Garmin.  Y’all should have been there.

July club run is to Cleethorpes and back – get practising although should be easy as Alain is going to be on the front all day towing us along at 19 mph as he fine tunes his ‘Tour de Alain’ preparation.

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