New Rutland Logo Print £10

02 Dec
December 2, 2011

Hola Amigo’s I was looking for some new tights onling this week as my assos ones have finally worn through to a thread and Jeez they’re about £200!! so looking around, I had some old biemme ones that I didn’t really like.

But because we own the new kit design and the logo is ours in electric form to do as we wish I took the Biemme’s down london road to see member Rhys Crabtree (who’s done all our new t-shirt and hoodies).

He printed me the tights up for a Tenner!!! How cool is that they look ace now and not only that…. for all you safety geeks, it’s reflective too.

Anyone else wanting Gilets, Tights, Jerseys printing up just take them down to Rhys at shirt prints direct.

161-163 London Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 4LH

 0114 255 9000 ‎
5 replies
  1. Andy Sedgewick says:

    The ‘new’ tights look ace!

  2. Rich L says:

    Nice strides – I’m going down there first thing!

  3. Bren says:

    Cheers mate, send some over…we’ll do world wide shipping =) @Andy Sedgewick

  4. jamie b says:

    Sweeet,they look cool they do-nice touch.Are you still radioactive?

  5. Bren says:

    Yes bro Got until Sunday then I can go near the public… and my girlfriend, which will be nice ahhhh @jamie b

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