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14 Sep
September 14, 2011

Last weekend (10/9/2011) saw the opening round of the Notts and Derby cyclo cross league. For anyone who doesn’t know what cyclo cross is, a definition can be found here.

In our region there are two major leagues, the Yorkshire Cyclo cross league on Sundays, and the Notts and Derby league which is held on Saturdays.

Last Saturday was the first event in the Notts and Derby league and we had three Ruttlers (and one “friend” of Rutland) riding. Myself, Nathan Smith, James Thompson and new member Andy Kay.

Big Rutland welcome to Andy, he will be familiar to riders of the teacake and the chain gang.

Anyway it was a slightly mixed event in terms of Rutland success. We lined up in various different “boxes” along with 180 other riders. This cyclo cross is well popular. The number of riders meant one of hell of a queue for the signing and meant that Andy and Nath missed out on an all important “warm up” lap. However as the whistle blew you wouldn’t have known as they both into their stride and making places straight away.

James Thompson faired best, and rode round to an excellent fourth place. Nath was next up with a solid mid-field finish 79th to his first cross race of the 2011 campaign. Andy valiantly battled round to finish about ten places further back, despite suffering with some of the worst blisters I have ever seen.

I didn’t have quite so much luck…or maybe had the most luck…depending on how you look at it…and retired before I had even completed a lap due to snapping my seat pin. Back to the drawing board there then.

Below are a few pics I took with my phone, appols for the crap quality. There are some slightly more professional images here and some more here.

The next round that we are riding is a week on Saturday at Thornbirdge hall. Get commenting if anyone else fancies riding or drop us and email.

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  1. squeaker says:

    Looks far too warm and sunny to be Cyclo Cross……lol

  2. joeslow1 says:

    Just a warm up for the 3 peaks eh Danny, hope all goes well in the Dales (no mechanicals). Simon Fell, makes your legs hurt just thinking about it !!

  3. Danny says:

    @joeslow1 I might still woos out of the three peaks…with a little bit less than a week to go…I’m in two minds I must say… 😉 …still it’s Thornbridge hall before that Saturday 24th September…14:15 kick off…so if anyone fancies a watch of some cross action, get yourselves along !!

  4. joeslow1 says:

    Thought you might have unfinished business with the peaks (there is a half decent weather forecast for this coming weekend). Hope to get down to Thornbridge.

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