The Cleethorpes Run 2012

02 Jul
July 2, 2012

What an absolutely amazing day out on the bike!!  Bathed in a beautiful summers morning sun a 15 strong bunch cruised out of the wicker arches at 7am, down the don valley towards whiston where Dave Ballie took us up a little climb no one had ever been up before to find out it was a dead end. Cheers Dave just what you need before a nice 152 miler. from then on google maps and Andy smith’s map took the wheel and we enjoyed a really nice poppy field cruise towards Gainsborough where long time Rutler Fred Corker joined us. On arrival into Gains… Sally guided us  into a really cool old converted mill now filled with coffee shops and fountains for our for our first stop of the day (apart from the dead end he he).

The coffee shop was definitely an improvement on the old Caravan we used to stop at in the 90’s which is no longer there. it was bloody lovely. Sat there with Danny, Smallwood, paul and the Valley boys, Rich, Daz and Gav it strangely felt like a day riding in majorca.

After that we cruised on the little B1205 towards south kelsey and just after that during a pp stop the Fusion Dronfield lot came by so we jumped on those guys for a lift into cleethorps with a 30+ strong group.

In no time we we’re on the pier tucking all into some food,  John and Paul we’re also tucking into some booze as they we’re catching the train back as we’re Sal and Rob.

Here we are just before the return journey

Then we did a victory lap around Cleethorpes (unintentionally though) and we we’re off back to Sheffield minus Chris Broadfield who I think might have jumped ship and headed off before us.

It was a headwind on the way back but because of the twists turns and hedge rows it wasn’t as bad as we all thought, plus we had Whitney, Lindsay, Daz, Danny, Frank and both Andy’s and chicken little cranking out hero’s turns on the front.

Everyone was buzzing on the way back, the sun came out, we had another amazing coffee stop in Costa coffee this time looking at all the various long distance cycling, skateboarding and wheel chair records on Dans phone and really appreciating them too at that point.  The last bit didn’t really drag much really as we we’re all having such a good natter and laugh by then.

We clocked up 152 miles from wicker to wicker but the Stocksbridge lads will have been knocking on 160 I think.

All in all everyone loved it especially me. Thanks for a great Day /Company/ Ride  everyone, Roll on the Autumnal York social. Bren

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