Tumby’s Road Race 2011

07 Aug
August 7, 2011

Well it was a roller coaster of a bike race today from where I was standing / shooting.

The first lap came round like a rocket with a dangerous amount of riders sneaking away from the bunch from the gun.
Having Just been listening to led zep with dan in his van and getting fully psyched for it …. I was mildly let down not to see any Rutland riders in the break.
But hey it was only about ten Min’s in.
I went to the far corner of the triangular course for the second lap and couldn’t believe my eye balls when through the camera lens we’re 2 lone figures miles in-front of the bunch.
It was only Danny and another guy   Nathan Wilson from Wilsons Wheels who was also as strong as an ox.
Bloody hell…… they we absolutely gunning it!!!!!  and they managed to keep it that way and stay away from the peloton for about 80% of the race.
A brave few tried to bridge the gap over to them (which would have been some welcome help) but no one managed it.
They racked up a lead of at least 1:30 at one point until the bunch finally swallowed them up with 2.5  laps to go.
I reckon the long straight section where you can see about 3 miles up the road was like a massive carrot dangling in-front of the carrot hungry bunch and didn’t help the brave guys on the attack at all.
Anyway they got caught there was a couple of laps with it all together until 6 or 7 guys crept away on the final lap and made it to the line.
I reckon advertising In cycling works cos the winner Richard Meadows was sponsored by subway and all the way home I just kept trying to twist dan’s arm into going to subway for lunch..
Subway subway subway!!!
But we ended up in la patissier on eccy road where we saw nodding Dave with his missus.
Small world, Cool race, well done everyone It was a bloody good event!!
Ps if anyone wants any of my Photographs just let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you…..www.brendontyree.com
Top Ten Results
1st Richard Meadows  Velo 29
2nd Neal Beasley        Beeston R C
3rd Rob Watkinson      Doncaster Wheelers
4th Richard Moore       Star Bikes R C
5th David Williams       Kuota/GSG/Spinergy
6th Nathan Wilson     Wilsons Wheels
7th Chris Daddy           Star Bikes R T
8th Jack Rees              Velo 29
9th Ashley Proctor        Sheffrec CC
10th John Doherty        V C Cycles
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  1. jamie b says:

    Looks like a good event to me, great pictures Bren.

  2. Bren says:

    Cheers Jamie, the one with the young hoodie walking passed is my fave. is@jamie b

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