Sunday Club Run – 11th August 2013 – Murderous Moors and Dark Satanic Mills

31 Jul
July 31, 2013

Sunday Club Run – August 11th

The monthly club run can’t be on the 1st Sunday of August because that is Tumby’s road race and everyone not on holiday will be racing or marshalling.

So – the ride is bounced back a week to the 11th.  Destination is Marsden and back over Saddleworth Moor.  Not been there before, now is your chance so take it. saddlworth

Made notorious in the sixties because of the Moors Murders it’s a pretty bleak place compared to the picturesque Peak District and well worth a day out.  Marsden is possibly even bleaker, archetypal grim up north mill town complete with dark satanic mills.

My plan is to ride out to Marsden via Holmfirth and then up over the moors north of Marsden before skirting round to Delph.  Make a cafe stop at Delph then over Saddleworth to Holmfirth before taking a different way back to Sheffield.

marsdenMeet at Butterworths in Hillsborough for a 9:15 depart.

Probably about 80 miles back to Hillsborough so a long day out but well worth it.

The climb out of Marsden is pretty brutal; steep, potholes, probably gravel and great views.  I’ll buy cake for anyone who does it in the big ring!  Anyone who falls off or puts their foot down trying to do it in the big ring must buy me a cake.

Ideal for the Valley boys to join in and Kippy, we’ll be going not far from your place on the way out.  You need to burn off those excess calories after lounging around in the Lake District.


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