National Hill climb champs report 2010.

19 Nov
November 19, 2010

1st November: National Hill Climb Champs, Dovers Hill

national hc3

For the first time I decided to enter a national championships as after a month of
hill climbs I seemed to be going ok and I was intrigued to see how I could do.
Unfortunately, unlike previous years, the hill being used for the national was a long
way from the Peak District, so there was no chance of me riding it beforehand. I
knew it was about 1200 metres though, with an average gradient of about 10%, which
I thought would take me about 4.30. I was a little worried that as I didn’t know the
hill I’d get my pacing wrong, but was determined to err on the side of killing myself
rather than not going hard enough. So, I went out hard and held on for 32nd in a time
of 4.25. I was happy, but my halfway split was 20th fastest which showed that I’d
died a little at the top, and perhaps I could have been a few seconds faster if I’d paced
myself a little better. A few seconds equates to quite a few places, so I’m hopeful that
a top 25 position might be possible when the national comes back to the Peak District
in 2011. It would be good to see Rutland put out a team in a ‘home’ event that puts
sprinting up Cressbrook every week to good use!

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  1. andys says:

    4:25 – Great effort. That is one serious hill. It’s not far from my mother in laws and usually takes me about 12 minutes of cursing and swearing. I went for a ride round there one time and told Liz I would meet her at the top an hour later. As she turned into the road some bloke out walking stopped and saluted her as though she was going over the top in the 1st World War.

    10 minutes later and my mobile phone is melting. Something along the lines of “What the *&^%&^* Sending me ***&&&*& up ***ing here, you *****” Or something like that.

    To think of actually racing up it – that’s completely crazy! Respect and well done.

    Would be great to have a team next year. I rather rashly pledge twenty quid to the first Rutland rider provided we have a team. And no I’m not doing it.

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